Paul Marturano is signed to Blacbird/Universal Records his new EP, MORE!, will be released in May of 2018 and distributed digitally through Universal Records.

MORE! was produced by Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo and Paul Marturano at Joe’s Garage near Philadelphia, PA. It was mixed and Mastered byJ oe “The Butcher” Nicolo.

Paul Marturano is known internationally for his television appearances on American Idol, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition and several other TV programs. He has the heart of Mother Theresa mixed with Howard Stern’s sense of humor…. both are reflected in his songs and writing.

His latest album, Reflection features Marturano’s Singer/Songwrter piano rock and piano ballads as well as solid musicianship. Reflection as well as his other recordings are available on CDbaby and iTunes.

Last year,Marturano played just under 200 live shows (over 600 hours of stagetime) on the east coast as a solo artist, a dueling piano player, or with his band, Bradley Cooper’s Left Arm. His quirky comedic style and strong musicianship leaves the audience wanting more.

Paul has performed at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA to a crowd of thousands playing a preshow concert and post show concert to the Billy Joel/Elton John top grossing Face to Face Tour in 2009. He sat in at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City with the Legendary Les Paul, performed on many local and national television shows and has opened shows on the piano for many comedians such as Jackie the Jokeman Martling.

Marturano is best known for playing a practical joke on Paula Abdul in 2008 when he sang a comedy song about stalking her on American Idol. He played on the USS Midway prior to Frank Sinatra, Jr. at an event honoring Lee Iacocca and was also part of the team that earned a Daytime Emmy Award behind the scenes of the popular television show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Regis Philbin. He is a longtime voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and is a co-founder of Loli’s Place, Inc Animal Rescue.

In March of 2015, he released his first book, 33 Beliefs for a Happy Life, a happiness training manual that he wrote for himself to try to simplify the large amount of information he has studied over the years on the subjects of happiness, health, success and thought. He wrote the book as a reminder to continually develop habits that create happiness in his life and he hopes that you may be able to use the information in the book to do the same. The audio version of 33 Beliefs for a Happy Life was recently released.

Paul has been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, US Weekly, at,, and numerous other major publications, TV shows, websites and over 400 radio programs. Paul is known for his rock n roll piano style, his soothing ballads and also for his clever comedy songs. Whether he is performing solo, a dueling pianos show or with his band, Paul Marturano’s live show is full of energy and is ALWAYS A GOOD TIME !!