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Featured Album: MORE!

Paul Marturano's More! is a heartfelt journey that allows the listener to reflect on their own life. The songs are positive, introspective, and some are amusing. The musicianship is excellent and the songwriting is top-notch.

Featuring: Love People, Use Things

& Da Bras Hit Da Floor



“Inspiring - I'm loving Paul's positive music that's easy on the ear! Beautifully written songs, with great singing and superb production!” ~ Grammy Winning Artist - Wouter Kellerman

Daytime Emmy Winner / Grammy Voting Member, Paul Marturano, plays over 150 live Piano Rock shows a year.He has appeared on TV shows such as Access Hollywood and American Idol.  (Read More)

"Paul Marturano is my favorite artist! His lyrics are honest and the music speaks to me and brings me peace" ~ Hilary Meekam - Dayton, OH 

"Paul makes me forget my troubles and I love him for it" ~ Susan Anders - Havertown, PA

"As a musician, I really appreciate the intricate piano work and overall complexity of Paul's songs and the talented musicians on his records!" ~ Dennis Mendle - Newport Beach, CA

"I like the variety in Paul's songs, some make me laugh, some make me cry, but I always feel better after I listen" ~ Jennifer Andola - Lebanon, TN 

"I have all 4 of his (Paul's) CDs and can't wait for the next one. Big fan here!" ~ Sarah Leeds - Ariah Park, Australia

"I have seen Paul play live when I was in the states and his talent was mind boggling" ~ George Mcelroy - Alsager, England

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